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Memory Lane - fitness for the mind Our program is more than just a name.  On Memory Lane, we seek to Exercise the Brain, Enhance Memory and Maintain Independence. Our Fitness for the Mind program has been developed to uniquely focus on an individual’s strengths.  We then apply those strengths to personalized therapeutic programs, which will exercise existing memory function. Our state of the art therapy teams will develop individualized programs designed specifically for your loved one. Memory Care Specialists are available around the clock to ensure that all interactions with your loved one are guided by evidenced-based interventions that encourage cognitive processing.  Specialized programs are provided daily to enhance brain power and exercise the mind.  Programs are guided by recommendations from highly trained professionals based off of individualized assessment of your loved one’s unique level of functioning. Allowing your loved one to maintain as much independence as possible is of paramount importance to us.  Our Memory in Motion program allows your loved one to do as much as possible with our Memory Care Specialists providing support and assistance where needed. Memory in Motion programs feature independence with everyday tasks such as dressing, bathing and maintaining personal hygiene.  Our program also features programs designed to help your loved one maintain the ability to walk, eat independently and maintain continence.  Free membership to AJ’s Fitness in our state of the art therapy gym, is available for all participants in the program. Fitness for the Mind allows you the freedom to know that your loved one is not only being cared for but encouraged to maximize their remaining abilities, allowing him/her to thrive, rather than just survive through the struggles related to memory impairment. We further seek to provide guidance and encouragement for the entire family.  Stresses related to caregiving can be challenging.  Our monthly Support Group meeting offers encouragement and provides an opportunity for camaraderie with others on similar journeys. Come see for yourself!  Memory Lane – Fitness for the Mind surpasses even the highest expectations!  We would be honored to enroll your loved one in our unparalleled program!
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