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Garden Court for Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders We consider all residents residing on Garden Court as individuals with unique needs and interests. Through an individual activity/ability based program we strive to effectively meet these needs and interests. Programming is proactive with the intent of anticipating problems and provide programming to intervene before escalation of a problem. Staff are specifically trained in this concept of ability/activity based programming with the outcome of providing an environment of minimizing the negative affects of the Alzheimer’s disease process. Personal interaction between resident and staff is critical and an integral part of the philosophy of our Garden Courts. The intent of Garden Court is to provide consistency with well-trained and committed staff with a resulting safe environment conducive to reducing anxiety and confusion with the population we serve. While skills diminish, desire on the part of the resident to excel does not, and programming is designed to allow success in the part of the residents we serve emphasizing their strengths at the same time maintaining their dignity. It is not what they cannot do but rather what they can do. The Garden Court program is also available in assisted living. Please check the location you are interested in for availability.
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