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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the advantage of selling my home and purchasing a Villa? A. Many advantages. First of all, you are downsizing and eliminating exterior maintenance. You are now going to enjoy the          retirement you have dreamed about.   Q. What is the continuum of care offered when you purchase a Villa? A. When the time comes when you may have to downsize further to an apartment or go to an Assisted Living facility or          Nursing Home, you are a priority admission. You or your family do not have to look further for placement or worry about          a wait list for entry.     Q. Who pays the real estates taxes? A. Your real estate taxes are prorated the first year, and they become the responsibility of the individual owner thereafter.     Q. Are pets allowed in a Villa? A. Yes, please check with the location you are interested in for any restrictions.     Q. Are the Villas age restricted? A. Yes, they are. One person of a couple must be 55 to reside in a Villa.     Q. What privileges are offered with the purchase of a Villa? A. You are welcome to join any activities at the other facilities, use the scheduled transportation, or designated common          areas on the campus.
Villas (Single Family & Duplex Homes)
Estates (Elegant Retirement Apartments) Q. Is there an endowment fee? A. No, it is a month-to-month rental rate with no endowment fee requested. A deposit is required however, which is         transferable to the other campus facilities. Q. What is included with the month-to-month rent? A. The monthly rental fee includes: two meals per day, weekly housekeeping, scheduled transportation to and from          shopping and other activities, beauty/barber shop, all utilities including cable or satellite TV depending on location         (excluding telephone), complete building and grounds maintenance, and peace of mind for your family knowing you are         in a safe environment.     Q. How quickly may I rent an apartment? A. Apartments are rented upon availability. If there is not an apartment available at that particular moment, you may pay         your deposit and be placed on a waiting list. As an apartment becomes available, you will be called, at which time you may         accept or decline.     Q. Do you allow pets? A. You must check with the particular campus you are interested in about having a pet. Most of our clients do allow pets.     Q. I’m using a cane / walker. Am I allowed admission to the retirement apartments? A. Yes, if you are independent with the use of a cane / walker, and your physician deems you appropriate for independent          living.     Q. Do you offer garages / carports for vehicles? A. Most facilities offer garages or carports.     Q. What activities are offered? A. Many different activities are offered at different facilities such as: card games; fitness; outings at various restaurants          and theaters, casinos, etc.
Hawthorne Inn  Q. Does Medicare pay for anything at Assisted Living? A. Yes, although Medicare Part A, typically found in Skilled Nursing Facilities, does not cover room and board, Medicare          Part B and some Home Health benefits may apply to qualified residents. Q. How do the prices compare to the competitors? A. The prices at the Hawthorne Inn are much less than what you would typically find at a Nursing Home. The prices vary          with the services that each individual needs. Prices are reasonably set and are a great value!     Q. What is included in the price? A. Our clients offer different levels of care and the price would change according to the amount of services needed.          Prices always include monthly rental of suite or apartment, three meals a day, all utilities (except telephone),          cable T.V. or satellite (depending on area), and social and recreational activities.     Q. Will Mom or Dad ever have to leave Assisted Living? A. Services typically given in nursing home are offered, including assistance with bathing, grooming, medications,         meals, activities plus other services. Many of the residents never have to move to a nursing home.     Q. Do we accept Medicaid payments? A. Assisted living programs cannot accept Medicaid payments. Some of our clients, however, are licensed as          Supportive Living, which is funded by Medicaid. Call the location you are interested in to check availability.     Q. Is there respite care? A. Yes, many families are so pleased to have a temporary place for their loved one to be while they enjoy their vacation.         There is no need to worry if Dad remembered to take his medication or has eaten nutritious meals. There are also         short-term stays for those recuperating after a hospital stay.
Manor   Q. Will Medicare cover any expenses for my stay? A. Yes, most of the facilities are Medicare certified. Just contact the facility you are interested in to check for availability. Q. When will Medicare pay? A. Medicare Part A generally covers a short term stay while receiving skilled nursing or therapy services. The amount          of coverage depends on individual needs. Medicare Part A will only cover up to 100 days for a spell of illness, and          specific criteria must be met in order for Medicare to cover.     Q. Can my loved one leave the facility with us? A. Yes, the residents are free to come and go as they please.     Q. If Mom spends her money down to the point where she can no longer afford the Manor, what would we do? A. Most of our Manors are Medicaid certified. Please check the Manor you are interested in and call for availability         of Medicaid certified beds.     Q. Can I have a private room? A. Skilled nursing facilities offer private and semi-private rooms. Please check the availability of the location you are          interested in.     Q. What about the meals? Do we have a choice of what to eat? A. A choice of entrée is offered to each resident with each meal and accommodates special diets.     Q. Do you have cable TV? A. Yes, there is Cable TV or Satellite in each of the Manors, and its included in the daily room rate.
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